Canterbury Property Services 10 point checklist

Years ago, clients were left to find their own properties, but it was disappointing to see their progress stunted by wrong selections. 

The selection is partly to do with getting the best tax deductions and depreciation allowances. Two similar looking houses can have vastly different depreciation allowances and tax deductions. You have to get it right - too much depends on it thats where Canterbury Property Services adds value.

You must always select white collar areas where say a school teacher would choose to live if doing a 5 year stint in that area.

Every investment must fit the 10 point checklist below.

1. Only invest in areas experiencing strong population increase.

2. Only land locked locations (i.e. short land supply with nowhere left to expand).

3. Vacancy rate 3% or less.

4. Only areas where 90% owner occupiers.Even normal balanced suburbs are 70% owner occupied. We like it better than that so focus on an area with only 10% investment for better rental sustainability.

5. Areas that are cheaper than surrounding areas.  In other words where there is some catching up to do with the prices of surrounding real estate.

6. Areas where there has been no significant sign of recent capital gain. We don't want to buy just after an area has trippled in price. Even at the end of boom periods, there are always pockets or niches that haven't yet had their full run.

7. High percentage rental return. Compared to other areas.

8. Nearby Schools.

9. Close to transport.

10. Surrounded by adequate infrastructure.

You don't have to worry about how all this fits together. We do it for you at Canterbury Property Services.

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