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Canterbury Property Services help clients build wealth through education, knowledge, experience and support. The system is based on the knowledge gained by the founder of Canterbury Property Services who has acquired approximately 100 properties over the past 25 years.

The basis of the Canterbury Property Services system is the long term ownership of safe, "boring" residential real estate property- that's how you get started. But it is done in a smarter way than you have ever seen or could imagine.

The Canterbury Services founder grew up in a small town in Queensland and his parents struggled financially.  From a young age he decided that wanted a better life and didn't want to live from hand to mouth the way he had grown up. He went to University and started his quest for a better life. 

The Canterbury Property Services founder began using his knowledge to accumulate investment property and has never looked back. He just quietly held his own assets and property investments until he realised that since he spent so much time thinking about it, he may as well do it as a job. One well known quote is "To be a success you should find your passion, then do it for a living and you will never do another days work”.

This is how the Canterbury Property Services system works. Say you acquire 100 properties over 25 years, that's 4 properties per year - but you don't get 4 properties in year 1, you probably get one. However, later on it goes much faster. The Canterbury Property Services founder has periods when he acquires more than two properties per month. It's important to start as early as you can.

The investment assets were accumulated with very small debts relative to the value of the asset. The Canterbury Property Services founder, also owns a number of passive businesses (fully managed by others). He also has acquired millions of dollars worth of investments such as shares. Canterbury Property Services show their clients how this is done and guide you through the process. The steps are easy to implement and understand. 

When the Canterbury Property Services founder was in his early 20's his success was well advanced, friends and relations realised that he had a lifestyle they envied. Typically (as is human nature) they discouraged him and told he would go broke. The comments were "you bought in the wrong area", "you paid too much", and "if you can't afford to pay cash you should not have these houses". That's when the Canterbury Property Services Founder realised that if you want to be wealthy, get near someone REALLY wealthy. The people that surround you are not necessarily the best influences. 

It's obvious that if you get near people that know what they are doing something has to rub off. If you surround yourself with negative people, something else rubs off (i.e. negativity, discouragement, low self-esteem etc.) 

NOW YOU CAN SEE HOW WE DID IT. They say that Wall Street is the only place where people ride in a Rolls Royce to get advice from people who take the subway. Canterbury are the opposite. Everyone you deal with at our company will have the "Rolls Royce" (i.e. significant assets). You will not meet someone "still learning”.   

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